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A country bellow the sea level

A country below the sea level 

Leiderdorp, Netherlands
Hotelchoosing Netherlands

„Once you are there your excitement and curiosity makes you discover all hidden gems of this lovely place“

Leiderdorp is a lovely little town with everything you can imagine about Netherlands– windmills, tulips, 
bicycles, wooden shoes, cheese. But is that all? Not really. Discover with me this amazing place.

Leiderdorp Leiden Hotelchoosing


                                                                                          Where it is? 


Leiderdorp is situated in the western Netherlands near the city of Leiden.  Actually Leiden is a stunning archaic city Centre, hometown of Rembrandt that you can discover by bike, walk or boat.

I visited Leiderdorp in October, but luckily I could enjoy the last sunny autumn days.  May be that was the magic of this place. 


Tree leaves turning into different colors of gold, orange and red. Literally I was “staring” at the beauty of nature with a power to create something so amazing.
Leiderdorp nature

Best of this place was that you forget to think about using any car or bus.  You just want to soak in the moment by walk, by bike or even by a little boat floating down the Old Rhine River. 
Leiderdorp by boat
Autmn nature in Leiderdorp









Where to sleep?

No doubt that choosing a little B&B on the banks of the Old Rhine River was a perfect choice. 

Leiderdorp Hotelchoosing 
I took a walk and had my morning coffee in a wonderful garden of this hotel. Then I rented a bike and I started to spin the pedal towards exploring Leiderdorp. 

What to do?

Leiderdorp river bankPetting Zoo in Leiderdorp

As I was cycling down the street I eneded up at a lovely park – a petting zoo and a small botanical garden.  It was nice to take a walk and discover the animals and plants around. 


Where to eat?

I have decided to spend my afternoon in the by having a meal in a near restaurant – Brasserie Park.
I felt there very welcome and the staff could not be more pleasant. My meal was absolutely  delicious.
Leiderdorp  Brasserie park

Next day I have decided to see more of Leiden and surroundings.

 Things to do in Leiden?

river in Leiden 

I have started my journey early in the morning. Just hop on a bus and you find yourself in Leiden in couple of minutes. Leiderdorp is actually a suburb of Leiden, so it was really not too far. 

Leiden is full of picturesque streets.

Discover Rhine. Take a boat ride and explore Leiden from a view. 
A boat trip by river in Leiden

Windmill LeidenWindmill museum 

When a you are first time in Netherlands, you definitely want to see a windmill. I would recommend Windmill museum. Old fashioned and charming.   You will not just see but also learn something about them.

Things to do in Leiden 





Do not miss

De Burcht.  A cute small castle with a great panoramic view to Leiden and its historical buildings. This place lies between the two branches of river Rhine. Take a 20 minute walk up to the castle and enjoy!

De Burcht

I had a great time in the south part of Netherlands. Leiderdorp and Leiden was something why I enjoy travel so much.  No crowded masses of tourist. 
It´s about discovering the undiscovered.

It’s hard to describe Netherlands in few words. It´s BETTER TO EXPERIENCE it on your own.

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