nedeľa, 21. júla 2013

How to find your “dream holiday” ?

„The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
Augustine of Hippo

           Be born on one place and not visit the magic places of this planet? Nobody can really imagine. At least you are looking forward to a summer holiday.  At least you have a one place to dream about. Or you have more places you want to visit and discover its beauty. 

           Do not be afraid to follow your dreams. Travel and discover this planet. 

My aim is to give you tips and tricks about places you might want to visit. I would like to introduce different places in Europe I have visited or I am planning to visit.  I would like to highlight hidden gems that made my travel unforgettable.  

It will not be about all the cliché places you make a photo of and you can check on your „I have been here list“. And of course post it on Facebook so you friends can be jealous.

For me travelling is something authentic. Something I will remember for the rest of my life. It is a great feeling you experience when you are there and you discover something what was not previously written in your tourist guide.
A cup of Turkish tee with a local old man, a rental car decorated with lemon and salt after tequila night, a Spanish night on broken high heel, north see swimming in November and a lot more.
Get inspired and find your unforgettable travel experiences.

Let’s go and discover with me this magic place called Earth....

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