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When you find yourself in Greece


Chalkidiki, Greece

„A place you make you fall in love with Greece“

            When I visited Greece for the first time it was Sarti what made me go back there again and again to discover how beautiful Greece is. 
It was my „on the beach doing nothing“ holiday after 10 years. Everything seemed to be first time as my last memory to the see was from my childhood. 
The sea was crystal clean and no wave moving toward the coast. I was looking for seashells in the sand- a memory from last time. Nothing. No seashells on the sea shore. Hovewer the experience was enjoyable. Feeling the salty water after so many years made me to stay in the water and enjoy the moment.

                                Where it is?

Sarti you can find on the Eastern shores of Sithonia. Sithonia is a peninsula located in the central part of Chalkidiki. Interesting thing about Chalkidikiis the three pong  shape of this peninsula (Cassandra, Sithonia, Athos). These „3 fingers“  gives Chalkidiki a unique widening shape and a coastal line of 550 km. Each of the three pong are places that worth a visit. 


Sarti is famous by its white sand beaches reaching from the north to the south.
Sarti is a perfect place for those who want to avoid big tourism industry.
Actually in the past it was a small fishermen and farming village. Now its a holiday settlement with approximately 900 inhabitants. 
What I liked about Sarti was that you are overlooking to the enormous beach with a crystal blue sea and on the other hand it is sourranded with impressive green mountains.
When you take a walk across the city you can feel the atmosphere of a small buzzing streets full of numerous souvenir and tourist shops, different traditional food shops, supermarkets, taverns , bars, and restaurants. Although the village is full of typical „tourists stuff“ , it is not so busy as in huge holiday resorts. Walking down the street you can meet locals painting Sarti´s beach and nature, an old fisherman grilling fish to sell which he caught during the day, a man standing in front of a typical Greek tavern calling you for a glass of „ouzo“ (typical Greek spirit alcohol). 
Local people are incredibly nice and calm.
That is Sarti. Small and enjoyable. 

Where to sleep?

Of course that you can find some hotels, but personally I would recommend apartment hauses to stay in. Sarti is different comparing to big hotel resorts and normally you try to spend the most of the time outside. Even it can rarely rain there, I would prefer to sit in a cocktail bar. 

Where to eat?

Definitely try a typical Greek tavern.  Greeks love to eat. Actually who doesn´t? Dishes that can’t be missed is grilled octopus, Greek salad (because of the cheese Feta) or Tzatziki salad.
My „not to be missed“   meal you can see on the picture.


 What to drink?

Definitely ouzo.  It is an anise-flavored aperitif. When you mix ouzo with water it becomes cloudy white. The best way to drink is ice-cold mixed with water.

What to do?                 

Do nothing on the beach. Enjoy sunbathing with a good book in your hand. 

Discover the nature around. You can find beautifullagoons, hidden beaches and many natural attractions. Most of them are not signposted on the map, worth to discover them by your own. 
 Go further.  About 6km north of Sarti you can find a "Secret Paradise of Greece" – Orange Beach. It can be a little difficult to reach this beach through the bush, but amazing waters and the view to Mount Athos compensates any visitor.

In the middle of the sky - Meteora. It is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece.  A geological miracle which must actually be seen to be believed.

Do not miss...


SUNRISE  in Sarti is one of my unforgettable memory. Even it was a bit cold outside, it was beautiful as the sun was rising behind Mount Athos and coming so quickly up that it was hard to catch few photos.
 It creates a picture never to be forgotten. 

 This is Sarti. Getaway and relax.  Your dream holiday becomes real.

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