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Last minute holiday in Turkey - a cliché or a prefect place to relax?

Side, Turkey

 „A paradise with its own beauty“

hotelchoosing Turkey              I will honestly speak up for all those who cannot wait till the summer comes and you can finally plan your summer holiday.  Actually I am not really a holiday planner but I really needed to skip away for a while. Clear my head and relax. 

Hotelchoosing FootprintsSo, after an exhausting week in work I have decided to travel right now.  I clicked through few pages of last minute holiday offers and after 2 days I have found myself on a charter flight in a company of all other holiday travellers. 

Where it is?

 Side is a beautiful coastal resort on the Meditterian coast of Turkey. Side is an ancient village with a mythological history, wonderful long sandy beaches and interesting sites to explore.
 Side has a typical Mediterrian climate, so it is a perfect place for those who enjoy sunny and hot summers.

What to do?

As I decided to have an all-inclusive relax in a fancy hotel with a pool, pool bar and a comfy sun beds in the shadow,
I have started my day by what else – doing nothing. I have read a book and relaxed.

Later I discovered the beach.  Side is well-known for its long and sandy beaches. Its was very nice to leave my footprints in the sand walking by the sea shore.  As it was really warm, I wanted  cool down in the sea. The water was cool enough to refresh myself and at the same time warm enough  not to cause me goosebumps.

In few days I have got bored with all the relax on the sun, so I have decided to discover Side and its surrandings. 

Hotelchoosing Manavgat 

I planned a trip to Manavgat. I went on a trip boat along the Manavgat river. 

The trip started from the town of Manavgat. 
 Hotelchoosing Turkey Manavgat
It was very pleasant to cool down in a hot summer day.  Sailing through the green waters of the river you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding nature. 

Turkey ManavgatAfter a lunch on a boat we finally arrived to Manavgat waterfalls. Do not expect nothing enormous. The waterfalls are small in comparison to others, but really worth a visit. 

Waterfalls are not high but wide and amazing. Waterfalls have a lot of minifalls flooding together a rushing milky white over the rocks.
Waterfalls hotelchoosing 
   However I was first time in Turkey, I was curious to see Pamukkale.  My mistake. Shouldn’t be so willing to discover everything during one holiday. The truth is that Pamukkale is pretty far from Side. 
I mean literally. It was 312 km there. We started our trip early in the morning with an air-conditioned bus. I am used to travel long distance by bus, so I was comfortable with traveling by bus. 

The tour got worse after 2 hours when the bus stopped. Something went wrong. Nobody really new and we were in middle of nothing. After half an hour we continued but with a broken air- condition. Damn, it was like a hell in there.  40 degrees outside and the same inside. Do not go there from that long distance.

When we finally arrived, I remembered why this is one of the must see places.  It’s the most amazing work of nature I have ever seen.  

 This place is the product of hot springs that are created into a calcium cliff bathing pools. All this creature of nature was breathtaking. Although there are some restrictions connected with entering the pools, it was a beautiful experience. 

Amother interesting memory was to see dolphins and sealions alive. There is a seapark in Alanya about 50 km from Side. 

Again I went there with a bus and it really worth it. I enjoyed the show and afterwards I could swim with a sealion and take a picture of him. First I was scared (I am scared of any animal) and weird that it touched my face, but then actually we became “friends”. It was a something I won’t forget.


What to eat?

In a hotel I have stayed in there was an opportunity to experience a “real” Turkish night with a Turkish dinner. I was aware the fact that it won´t be anything authentic. But I have given it a chance. I made up new friends during those few days and luckily my new friends were Turkish guys living in London. So they showed me around and explained what is what and told me a little “food story” about each meal.
What I would recommend to taste and do not miss, once you are there are:
Turkish Tabbouleh. It is an apatizer consisting of bulgur (kind of cereal food), tomatoe sauce, hot pepper, etc.). Hot and spicy. Yummy!

Turkish Gozlem. A salty “pancake”filled in with spinach and cheese. They name of it is from “goz” what means “eye” and when its cook, small brown spots appear on this pastry. These should be eye. That is why the name Gozlem. Oh, I miss Gozlem so much, it’s really tasty! 

My number one Turkish food is and forever will be the Turkish Iskender. Istender is a delicious meat meal from lamb meat with spices and tomato sauce served with a puffy bread lavash. 

Oh my god, I can feel its taste till now. That is so good, the meat is so juicy and well- spiced, and the crispy bread.  Once you try, you will find the reason to go back to Turkey. 
Turkish Kunefe. It is considered to be the most delicious Turkish dessert. To be honest it was not really for me. I have tried it. It’s sweet. It’s so much sweet that a bit of it was more than enough. For those who love sweets I may recommend it. For me it seemed like a pile of sugar.  Nevertheless I think it should be tried. May be it will be your Turkish favorite. 


DO not miss

Take a walk down the beach by moonlight and the stars. Imagine the crystal clear sky sprinkled with million shing stars and the moon mirroring on the calm water of the sea.
No other words needed. Just you and this unique moment.

So, is a last minute holiday cliché or a perfect place to relax?  What do you think?
Can you imagine your vacation on a crowded beach? 

I was so much against crowded tourist destinations such as Turkey, but now I must say that I have beautiful memories from there and I couldn’t imagine a perfect relax any other way.



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