štvrtok, 31. októbra 2013

3 things hoteliers must do



  Hotel  marketing tools can only works when it is based on effective strategy where all tools fits correctly together.

Traveling is changing, so hoteliers need to keep up and do some changes to follow the needs of travelers.

Here are some tips you should keep on your mind:

- hotel is almost always on the second place and rarely tha main aim of traveling
- location and an added value of hotel is still the most important criteria
- lowering the price does not bring in new business
- rates alone does not sells rooms. Most guests are driven by value rather than price.
- simply having a hotel website is no longer enough. Online marketing tools are much faster and more effective than other forms of marketing.
- more than 70 % of travelers research hotels on the Internet with an aim to book a room.Keeping-up will require hoteliers to understand that their hotel website should be a living, breathing sales piece, constantly changing and evolving.
- design an experience for your guests and give them more for less

Check out this video of 3 things hoteliers must do to catch up with competitors.

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