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7 useful tips what should a good hotel website have

1. An interesting design is a decision maker

The design of the website is often more important ten the funkcionality of the page. Just to have a website is not enough anymore. A website must get the customer's interest at the first sight.

2. "Sexi" photos are roomsellers

The design of the page is certainly connected with high quality photos of the hotel. According the fact that hoteliers are selling services that customers can not try in advance, high quality and interesting photos can be room sellers for the hotel. Photographies of the hotel have to make the customers want to book a room.

For example, which of these 2 pictures would persuade you to book a room in this hotel?



3. Clarity, speed and functionality

A good website must be user friendly, fast and especially transparent. Visitors of the website should get a quick orientation on the website and enjoy its advantages intuitively and easily. Any difficult step is discouraging the user and leaves the page immediately.

4. Do not use unnecessary "feauters" to highlight your offer

Java description, flashing banners or playing music in the background is discouraging visitors an on the other hand Google and other major search engines can not read the information .
Furthermore, these effects slow down the website. In fact that loading should nôt take more then 8 seconds, long uploading of the site can again put off your potential guests .

5. Do not forget the social networks

Your webpage should not miss the logo of your social networks, so you can be easily folkovej by your guests and keep in touch with them.

6. Reservation system is important

A good website should include online reservation system to allow tis visitors to book online. In this case the online form is not enough. An easy and quick way to book have to be available for your potential guests must allow quick. Information about price and availability must be available to guests in the very first step of the reservation.

7. Customize the website and apply other communication devices

Website design should adapt not only with appearing on computers, but also other diveces such as tablet or mobile devices. Visitors travel more and are more experienced so they make decisions quickly and often book their while traveling. According to these facts, websites should be adapted to a mobile version. For those who want to build a relationship with regular customers is becoming an important issue that should offer returning guests a mobile application.

Bonus tip :

The content of the website should attract at the sight and must engage the visitors immediately. You have to offer an added value of your l service for and motivate the visitors to engage to your website. For example Best rate guaranteed can be a great motivator.  Finally, why you should book a room at your site , if elsewhere you get about 10 % lower price ?

Many hoteliers think that just having a website that informs is enough. But the opposite is true . Today a good hotel website is slowly becoming a key marketing tool.

In case you are interested in creating your new hotel website, please contact us anytime on info@hotelchoosing.com

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