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9 new ways how to promote your hotel online

                With a growing competition in hotel industry, more and more hotels are trying „to get online“. They are looking for new ways of effective marketing tools and ways to attract their future guests.
Marketing tools should be innovative and internet offers tools more effective than ever. When these tools are well applied, the customer finds all information needed about the hotel and easily becomes a room booker.
Let´s discover easy ways how to promote your hotel online.

1.       Google

Google as search engine
It is offering a variety of integrated marketing tools that help to refine your searches.
A lot of hoteliers thinks that Google did not change at all and it is “just” a search engine where you type some keywords and push “enter”. However the reality is different. Google changes a lot and it integrates a lot of tools when you are searching. For example Google is personalizing your search using websites you visited before. The potential hotel guest finds the information that is needed in the context it is needed. Now think about your hotel, what a visitor should find about you.

Google´s + 1 button
Adding a +1 with Google + is making searching more social. As Google is following the trend of interaction with people in real life, +1 button is getting more important. With this tool are searched results focused on people and their opinion on information that is important.

Google + as a social network
Google + allows connecting to different groups of people and sharing information. For hoteliers it means thousands and thousands of opportunities to attract new guests. By creating a Google + page, your hotel can get a fast way to interact with guest they already know and they want to stay in contact with them. On the other hand, it offers many ways how to reach more and more new potential visitors. 

2.       Direct Bookings First


I have already mentioned the benefits of direct booking in my previous post. In fact, saving on commission is getting more and more important for hotels, so they try to attract guests with their own website.  A useful online marketing tool could be to have a fresh content with updated promotions and a good booking engine on your hotel´s website. This will secure you an important tool in searching engine.
Despite of that, once you have your own booking engine, you can have it everywhere. You can apply it also to your Facebook fun page and where a guest can book a room without leaving your page.

3.       Guest reviews

Guest reviews are still the most important marketing tool. Others review on hotels are decision makers for travelers. Even negative comments can be a benefit for your hotel. You just need to answer them properly right the way they are published. 
Be aware of the fact that not just Tripadvisor can be a place for guest reviews.  Let your guests to leave a review directly on your hotel´s website.  With having reviews on your site, all stays in your control. If putting reviews on your site is too complicated, add at least Tripadvisor reviews to your site. 

4.       Blogs

Blogs belongs to so called “content marketing” and is connected hotels SEO efforts. In this case it is not a condition to be connected with your existing guests. Just write a good post with a proper content and attract different people. First of all the content must suit to your hotel, its philosophy, or atmosphere. If you admit that your website´s content is mostly static, you realize that a blog with a valuable and dynamic content is required. A good blog should be a part of your communication strategy. If you don´t know what to write about, just try to mention anything that happens in your hotel. Be honest and get the interest of your visitors. I am sure, you can find some funny stories or events you remember.  At least you can mention any upcoming event in your hotel. 

5.       Social media

Social media is becoming the most powerful tool in online marketing. It reveals everything in hotel industry, from traveller’s decisions, booking habits, to any kind of information what visitors prefer and whether they trust to hotels. It brings an opportunity to use guests-experience information as a marketing tool.  
Why wouldn´t be your hotel on Facebook, Twitter or Google +, if all guets are there? Sooner or later it will become a necessity to optimize your social presence. 

6.       Photo sharing


As soon as services cannot be tried in advance, the only way how hotels can attract their visitors is to show them their product visually. Here becomes photo sharing more and more important.  
I think you should invest in high quality photos and share them in an easy way.  Pinterest and Instagram have their boom, why would be your photos missing there? 

7.       Marketing Videos

Lot of travellers is watching videos of places they are planning to visit. Offer them your hotel video and give them a tip, where to stay in. It doesn´t have to be a masterpiece, just show them what you have. It can have a positive effect on organic SEO.










8.       Special packages


Packages with “all-what- is-needed” services can be great tools for search engines. These special packages usually include local attractions, events or main advantages of the hotel (such as wellness) and these things are highly improving the content for the search results. This way you add additional search keywords to expose your hotel. Furthermore you can use your special packages to promote your offer on social networks or your blog. 

9.       Mobile applications

Within the next two years, 80% of all bookings will be made via mobile devices. It’s time to have yours. Keeping in touch with guests via mobile apps will soon become an everyday necessity.  

               Even though all of these marketing tools are very effective, you do not have to apply them at once.
Keep it Simple. Try what suits to your hotel the best and reach your goals step by step.

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