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Enjoyable experience or just a sleepover?


   Anytime I am searching for some information about hotels on the web a huge amount of deals are attacking me. Booking sites are competing in best rate deals and hotels are selling quantity for as low price as they can.

            I am asking myself: Did hotel industry just turned in to a sleepover factory with a lot of cheap rooms?

             Where is the idea of pampering the guest and offer them comfort and relaxing experience? I think hoteliers just gave up the fight. Rather to keep a quality for an appropriate price they choose to compete with lowering the price and sell quantity instead of quality.

Internet is overcrowded with information how to care about guests because quality services will bring them loyal guests. But I think they can try as hard as they want if lowering the price will continue, there will be no guest left, who will care about the quality.

Here it is what is actually happening:
All these deals lead to a massive tourism, where a guest just needs to sleep somewhere over to have the energy for all-day-sightseeing. I think the trend is to visit a place and see all amazing places, every tourist attraction, taste a specialty (or rather have a cheap snack in McDonald´s), make a huge amount of useless photos (just to have something for Facebook) and do all this during one day or in few hours (a way to save on accommodation). 

If you finally decide to stay in a hotel (probably because you live to far from the destination, you want to visit) the decision goes to a cheap last minute deal and you would expect from the hotel the best services (of course for free). If something is wrong, you complain and of course you write a really bad feedback on Tripadvisor or You argue about towels, slippers, noise, smell, air-condition, wifi and so on. Have you ever tried to compare your situation at home? How many times do you change your towels? Don’t you hear a noise from the street as well? Or screaming of your neighbor? Do you have home air-conditioned at all? Doesn’t your wifi spoil from time to time? I could continue on this. I am amazed that “deal guests” do not appreciate what the hotel does for them. They just sleep over, complain and move on. 

What I am trying to say is that travel used to be (actually for some still is) an experience, a way to learn something new, to find an authentic memory, to discover undiscovered. For this purpose hoteliers work hard, just to give their guests a comfortable place to sleep, relax and enjoy. They created a lot of additional services such as wellness, spa, sports, parks, delicious meals and so on just to fulfill all the guest´s wishes. A hotel used to be a perfect starting point to discover the place where you stay at. Receptionists are ready to answer any of your questions and as locals they gladly give you a tip for a good restaurant, a special place to see, where to find a good tourist guide, a map, an umbrella if it rains or an advice how to use public transport. All these services create a one huge package of an enjoyable experience.

And all these things don’t have to cost a fortune but it´s definitely not for free. If you choose a cheap deal price, don´t expect anything special. You are just a quantity for the hotel. If you find a proper way to get in touch with the hotel believe me that they will appreciate your effort when you book directly. They will award you with kindness, a nice room, a warm welcome and maybe with something you didn’t expect. 

All these deals and cheap hotels leading to a massive tourism remind me the fast food effect, where people forgot to enjoy. The “slow food movement” made me to search on Google for something similar in hotel industry.

 I found on a tourist page in Slovenia an expression “Slow tourism” and I will use a nice thought from there:

 Slow tourism is the name given to a type of tourism allowing tourists to spend their free time and take to the road liberated from the worries and stress caused by today’s fast-paced way of life.“ (

This is exactly the thing what I would like to point out. Slow down and enjoy.
I am the kind of person who still believes that hotels would like to care and honor their guests. As we started our project Hotelchoosing I am getting in touch with amazing hotels, with amazing services on amazing places. These hotels make a lot to get your attention and if I could visit them all, I would do so. There are still so many things to discover.

Don’t just rush across these places. Stop for a while and enjoy.


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