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Hotel secrets you might didn´t hear about

Here we go with some secrets that you might appreciate before you book a room.


 If you book on a discount rate, you might get the worst room
Hoteliers make the least profit from these reservations.  These kinds of reservations are either promotion of themselves at the top of lists sorted by place or they try to sell last few rooms. Guests do not really choose these hotels according to hotels value, but strictly according to the low price. For hoteliers it really makes a sense to save better rooms to those who bring more profit.  And because these guests booked a discount price, they are probably never planning to return.

Lowering rates get hotels below their costs
With all the discount rates and competition between hotels can easily get a hotel under its costs. Just consider that the price of a hotel room includes cleaning, supplies, electricity, laundry, wages of housekeepers and all other employees. Give these supplements a value, for how much would you do all this and compare it with the services you expect. Be realistic and don’t want a luxury for 30€ per night.

One-night guests come out the worst when a hotel is overbooked

So-called „walking a guest“ is a nightmare of every hotel manager. Sometimes it happens that a hotel is booked over its capacity and even in the hopes of cancellations or non-shows, sometimes guests get walked away. Of course the hotel will find a similar hotel and pays the taxi, but no guest likes this situation. So what to do to avoid relocation?
Book your room directly with the hotel. Contact the hotel and ensure if everything is ok with your stay. Do not book a deeply discounted room from an unverified source.
One-night guests who never stayed in the hotel before and may never visit the city again are the target in case of being walked.
Hotels pay a commission up to 30 percent
Hoteliers are trying to sell rooms using different marketing tools. When they sell online they can pay a commission to online booking sites or online travel agents. This commission can often be up to 30%. When you book a room, contact the hotel direct, ask for a discount you both come ahead. A hotel would rather give you 20% off then to pay it to an online booking site.

Your room is not ready when you show up
You can´t make the housekeeper work faster. If the hotel has a check out time till 11 a.m. and the check in if from 2 p.m., your room will probably not be ready, when you arrive too early.
Before you arrive you should contact the hotel that you may arrive earlier and if you are lucky, your room will be ready, even it is not check in time yet. At least, when the hotel knows that you arrive sooner, you can put your luggage to a luggage store and enjoy a coffee in the hotel restaurant.

If you request a king bed, there’s no guarantee

When you request a king bed, you have to be sure, that the hotel counts with your requests. Even your travel agent promises you a king bed, that does not mean that it will be guaranteed. To avoid unpleasant situations, rather confirm it with the hotel. When you arrive and you still not have it, it is a time for a complimentary breakfast or a room upgrade.

Tip the housekeepers and they take care of you

Housekeepers belong among the lowest paid employees, so leaving them a tip is a nice way to thank them for cleaning your room. Of course if you don’t leave anything, it does not mean that they don’t clean your room, but you might get an exceptional service if you do so.
Leave tips on the table or pillow, where it is obvious that it is for housekeepers. Asking for slippers or a pillow directly from the housekeeper can’t be a problem later.

When you travel, don’t just pick a room where you stay over. Do not have to pay a fortune to stay in a nice hotel, get an added value and leave it with a nice memory.

One more secret:
How to make a profit from a REALLY BAD name of the hotel?

Get inspired by Hans Brinker Hotel:

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