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Video of our Top 10 hotels

        Hotelchoosing come is a project that started in March 2013. Since then we have reached more then   
                                                                         1000 hotels.

As we are slowly reaching our goals and we have in our collection some pretty great hotels, we have decided to choose for you our top 10 hotels.

Hotelchoosing is focused on promoting hotels direct contact and we try to offer our visitors an easy way to contact hotel directly.

 On this page you can find different hotels from all over Europe, you can compare them and click on hotels official homepage.
This might be interesting for those who whats to know more information about hotel or see more photos.

Finding the perfect place to stay can be easier than you think. You just need to know where to look for it.

Despite of the comparison or contacting the hotel directly, you ca also get inspired by our hotel Tips. Here you can find very nice hotels what we already discovered for you with our suggestion, what is great about each hotel.
There is a lot to discover on our website and the best would be to give it a chance to find out its pros.

I think it will soon become your favourite placeto search for a hotel you want to stay in.

Okey, it might seem like an advertisement for Hotelchoosing, but I wanted to introduce you something new, something different, something, what I work on all day, all night. Its my project with which I want to give people something more then an online booking system. As a hotelier I am trying to introduce you hotes in beautiful countries you might did not know about them, because the are not on the top of famous booking lists.

 Anyway, the main aim of this post was to introduce you our TOP 10 hotels, so her we go.

Check out the video and find your favourite.

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