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Why to visit? and Where to stay?

                3 amazing places to escape in during winter holidays

Discover 3 great places you should have on your "Must-visit" list. Find out why to visit these hidden gems in Europe. In addition you can get inspired by nice places to stay in.

Why to visit Ghent, Belgium?

"Small enough to feel cosy but big enough to stay vibrant"
Because of the 91-metre-high belfry with its tower overlooking the mediaval city centre. Because of the freshly baked sweet wafles, Ghent noses (traditional candy) or a really tasty beer in a lovely old bar. Because of its fabulous canalside architecture, fascinating museums, St Bavo’s Abbey, the modest Muinkpark and the graffitti street art of the Werregarenstraat.

Where to stay?
In a charming hotel located in the art district of Ghent with a warm, charm and cosy atmosphere of a family run hotel ------> Astoria Hotel

Why to visit Luxembourg, Luxembourg? 

"City of a thousand contrasts"

Because of its bustling Place d'Armes- a square in the heart of the pedestrian zone, the Bock Casemates- an extraordinary warren of tunnels cut through the stone cliffs and the Chemin de la Corniche- a promenade overlooking the valley, and described as Europe's most beautiful balcony. Because of a delicious morning coffee at Chocolate House, a plenty of good-value and good-quality lunch options and cheese speciality Kachkéis- a soft cheese spread.

Where to stay?
Enjoy a traditional cuisine on its sunny terrace with a large relaxation area. -----> Alvisse Parc Hotel


Why to visit Gomel, Belarus?

"The hidden gem of Belarus"

Because of the Gomel Regional Belarusian Drama Theatre, Rumyantsev Palace in Gomel, the Gomel State Circus, palace of the aristocrats and numerous historical and architectural monuments. Take a walk on the bank of river Sozh, give a try to Harelka - a main strong drink consumed in Belarus or enjoy delicious Belarusian potatoe dishes that are often stuffed or accompanied with vegetables.

Where to stay?
Rest and sleep to heal your body and soul in a modern comfortable hotel which guarantee a memorable and enjoyable vacation, quality service and traditional Belarusian hospitality. ----> Park-Hotel Zamkovyj

Hope you got inspired. Do not hesitate and start to plan your city break getaway to one of these great cities that really worth a visit. 

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