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The Little Big Country

Unique treasures in the golden heart of Europe

There is no need to travel far away from your home to discover interesting places and atractions. Sometimes the most precious things are right under your nose.

The spring came quickly and the weather was more than perfect for short hiking tours in Slovakia. As I was too busy with my job responsibilities, the best way to soak in a new energy was to do a short trip around my country. 

I´ve got impressed by places I visited. The nature here is amazing and places I have been to are unforgettable. 


This places is said to be the golden heart of Slovakia. This is because it used to be the major Upper Hunarian Kingdom´s gold mining town. Today there is Kremnica Mint, which is the oldest and still-working
mint in the world (established in 1328)

There is also a natural rarity, rare in neighbouring countries,called Šturec sink. It was a mining hill,which collapesed during an earthquake in 1443. It is about 700 meters long and 170 metres deep. This disaster killed abou 500 miners working in mining tunnels under the hill.


Is a ski town located near the geographical middle of Europe. This point is exactly next to the Saint John´s Church. This church was built in 13th century and belongs to the oldest churches in Slovakia. There is a stone as a symbol of the middle of Europe next to the church.

The Lookout Tower  is also a very nice place to go near Krahule. It was built on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary the town property rights renewal in Kremnica regarding its historical woodland. The tower is 959 metres above the sea level and it is 13,5 metres high. It gives an amazing panorama view to the whole valley of Kremnica Mountains.

"Modrá chalúpka" - The Blue Chalet

 This chalet is an almost 300years old is considered to be the most beautiful chalet in Slovakia. It is a nice place to stay in to experience the atmosphere of a typical mining house.




This village is located on the left bank of the river Hron about 10 km south of Banska Bystrica. The most important monument of the village is the Lutheran wooden church inscribed by UNESCO. It
was built in 1726  and an interesting thing abou it is that it was built without using a single metal nail.

I visited it right after a business meeting and unfortunately that time it was closed. However it is an amazing monument and it is hard to believe that it is whole wooden and still exists for such a long time. 

Sometimes it takes years to find out how many interesting places someone has right in his/her home. I´ve just started to discover mine. Slovakia is amazing in its own original way. The natural scenery is breathtaking form almost every even a little hill and the history of this land is all around you ready to be discovered. 


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