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4 effective ways of content marketing for hoteliers

Marketing in hospitality industry always was and still is about catching the interest of people. It belongs among a specific kind of services that people just cannot "try on" in advance. Customers or guests do their decision mostly according to the information they get about the service they are buying. That´s why content marketing is getting more and more important also for hoteliers as it is a great opportunity to catch the interest of any future guest.

"Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers."

Content marketing is mainly about communication, not about selling directly. It gives an opportunity to
communicate with people about their problems, about their needs and about educating them. It is not only an effective way of marketing but also a much cheaper than any traditional way of marketing.

Let's see some tips and tricks how to apply an effective content marketing for your hotel.

1. Blog posts

Attract and retain your guests by creating and curating relevant and valuable content.
You can tell stories about your property, staff or guests. Do not promote how awesome your hotel is. Instead of that you can tell people something personal.
More information about a way to write a blog and what to write about you can find here.

An easy and free platform for creating a blog is blogger.com

Create your own blog and show more then basic information and your booking engine on your main website.

2. E - magazines

Inform about actualities. Your property is not on the first place anymore for guests. The location and actievities around are much more important. That´s why it is important to write about everything that is happening around. In this case it is good to cooperate with others around you and give them an opportunity to introduce their offers.
For example you can cooperate with museums, sport clubs, ski centers, sport centers, music clubs, theatres, galleries, restaurants, etc. Connect these information and create a pdf magazine that you can send to your subscribers or upload to your homepage as a download file.
See it from this point of view: Where should my future guests find information about the hotels location if not from the property where guests are staying?

More information about the importance of online magazines you can find here.

3. Discussion forums, chats, review pages

Give your guests an opportunity to share their experiences. Create a place where they can discuss, ask questions and post their opinion. Don´t forget about reviews and feedbacks. Allow them to get in touch with your property anytime they need. For example add a live chat to your homepage or create a discussion forum.
Most of all if you have any feedback good or bad on any review site always answer it. Every feedback you get you should make public and share them via social networks.
If you do not have a place to leave reviews on your homepage yet, you should add it right now.

4. Videos or powerpoint presentations

Creating a video, powerpoint presentation or organising a webinar for your guests can be an extremely beneficial and noteworthy way to communicate your brand and help you stand far apart from your competitors. This way of marketing can be very creative and you can reach the interest of a wide range of people. Webinars are the most immersive experience available. It brings an opportunity to communicate with guests in real time.

People as your future potencial guests are becoming more and more demanding. They are looking for relevant information and they would like to know more and expierence more. Content marketing can mean a definitive success for hotel industry if it is set with proper an targeted content. 

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